Er Qiao

Er Qiao (Twin Beauty)


Rose form. Flowers 16cm x 6cm ; flowers double coloured, with purplish red (61-C)
and pink (38-D) on the sameplant or on the same branch and flower; petals stiff, regular,
dark purple basal blotches; stamens slightly petaloid;pistils 9-11, floral discs purple. Stalks long,
stiff, flowers upright. Flowering midseason. Plant tall, erect. Branches fairly slender, stiff.
Leaves orbicular, medium-sized, stiff, slightly sparse; leaflets ovate, acuminate at the apex; leaflets
with numerous shallowly-cut lobes growing with pink flowers; the leaflets with a few
deep-cut lobes growing withpurplish red flowers; leaves with two shapes appearing on the
branches which develop with the double colouredflowers. Growth vigorous, flowers many.
Classic variety. Very inconsistent flowers on the same bush. Might be blooms of pink
and others are red and at the same time a few are pink with streaks and patches of red.
As the plants matures, some are picture perfect with one half pink and the other half red.

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