Shou An Hong

Shou An Hong (Garnet-Red Light on the Desk)


Mid season, Crown form, Red Crown form. Flowers 15cm x 10cm, deep purplish red.
Stalks stout, stiff, flowers upright. Flowering late midseason.
Plant tall, erect. Branches stout, stiff. Large-sized leaves. Growth vigorous,
flowers many. This variety is a triploid rare variety, deep purplish red roots
among the tree peonies. Classic variety.

The traditional breed, also is called "purple roots tree peony".
Folklore says that the celestial peony boy accidentally dropped some red ink on the roots
when he was painting a tree peony. He had no choice, but painted it as purple roots peony
and dropped his painting to the man's world. The painting became a seed which fell at the gardener
"Wang Shou An"s place, grew up as a tree peony with purple-red roots and glossy purple-red flower.

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