Tian Xiang Zhan Lu

Tian Xiang Zhan Lu (Heaven-Scented and Wet with Dew)


Crown form, sometimes anemone form occurs. Flowers 14cm x 6cm, pink faintly purple (73-C);
the outer petals 2-whorled, large, soft, usually toothed, suffused with purple at the base;
the inner petals narrowly long, soft, rugose, sparse; some petaloid filaments bearing anthers
are present, some stamens grow among petals; pistils small or petaloid. Stalks long, stiff,
flowers upright. Flowering midseason. Plant high, erect. Branches slender, stiff. Leaves orbicular,
medium-sized, thick, sparse; leaflets ovate, shallowly lobed, apex acute. Growth medium, flowers many.

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