Big Red Boomer Sooner
Herbaceous Peonies:

$24 most potted 3-5 eye divisions
             except as noted below @$27,
             $30 & $40
bare root for fall shipping for
             most 3-5 eye divisions

             except as noted below @$27,
$30 & $40          

$27 potted or bare root:
 Coral Charm
 Coral Sunset
 Coral Supreme
  Many Happy Returns
 Pink Hawaiian Coral  
 Red Charm
 Red Grace
 She's My Star

 $30 potted or bare root:
Carnation Bouquet
Christmas Velvet
Command Performance
Diana Parks

Henry Bockstoce
Ole Faithful

$40 potted or bare root
Etched Salmon

Raspberry Charm


We begin taking orders for fall shipping in August with herbaceous shipping in Sept and tree shipping in Oct.

Yin Hong Qiao Dui     

Chinese Tree Peonies:


Japanese Tree Peonies:



Bartzella - Itoh

Itoh (Intersectional)


Callie's MemoryCallie's Memory

Canary Brilliance

Cora Louise


First Arrival

Magical Mystery Tour

Pink Ardour



New Introduction Itohs


Gordon E. Simonson


Our estimated shipping costs via USPS Priority are $16 for up to 6 herbaceous roots and $22 for up to 12 herbaceous roots. We try to use flat rate boxes for herbaceous roots but for trees the cost varies depending on quantities shipped and delivery address. We always use the most cost efficient packaging. Sorry but shipping available only to continental US addresses!
Please email
( for availability and to place your order. Payment by check or money order payable to "Marcia Reed", Venmo, Zelle, Paypal or cash only. Payment must be received prior to shipping. Potted plants will not be shipped - only roots will be shipped in the fall. Bare root shipping begins August 31 and last day to ship is Dec 31, 2021.

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